Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Home schooling in the U.K.

  Due to unseen circumstances (a relocation, a house selling/buying delay and a buyer who's solicitor is not in my good books - more about that later!) I am home schooling Master Chief.  He's just started Year One technically, but as we're moving imminently I have decided that it would be detrimental to his mental health to start him in a new year at school - new class, new friends as they're all split up this year, new teacher and new building - and then tear him away after a couple of weeks to do it all again in a completely alien environment.  So, home schooling.
  The first week was not really a school week, we had to visit our new town for a couple of days (so Geography, right?) but this week we have had some more structure to the day.  Miss Chief has gone back to nursery in the afternoons so the morning is a lot less structured (making, art, playing games, etc.) and then the afternoon is our time.  So far we have done some science experiments, some maths, some reading & spelling and some other bits and pieces and I'm trying to make it all "real", for example the maths can be used in cooking or a game of chess.
  I'm by no means an expert but I hope I'll keep him engaged until such time as we move and he gets to go to school, I'm sure he's missing the social interaction.
  I'll try to keep this blog updated with our home schooling journey, it'll be a great record for us if nothing else.