Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pier walk and pesto salmon pasta

We live in Southend.  We probably don't make the most of it but this weekend we decided to walk the pier.  We've done it before but not for a while and it was a lovely sunny day so we went for it.  After a fortifying breakfast at a local cafe we set off to walk one way and train it back.  Master Chief loves trains, absolutely adores them so we knew that would make him happy.  Miss Chief was safe in her buggy, not only is she a mountaineer (which is worrying on dry land let alone a pier) but she wouldn't be up to the mile and a bit walk.  We had a lovely walk, waving at the train every time it went by and generally being happy in the sunshine.

When we got to the end we found out that there was an open day at the lifeboat centre.  Master Chief had a fantastic time sitting in the lifeboats and "driving" them.  Then there was the fun of the train ride home, which they both loved.

After a long and busy day, I didn't feel like creating magic in the kitchen so I decided to fall back on one of my trusted old favourites - pesto salmon pasta.  Very quick, very easy, very tasty.

Pasta, any type
Salmon, one fillet per person
Pesto, I used half a jar but it depends how many people it's for and how much you like pesto
Mushrooms, chopped (optional)

What to do
Cook the salmon.  The fillets I had were cook from frozen so it's an easy last minute dinner.  Cook the pasta as normal.  While it's cooking, shred the salmon into bite sized (or smaller) pieces, and chop the mushrooms if you're using them.  When the pasta is cooked, drain it and return it to the pan.  Stir in the pesto, salmon and mushrooms and then serve it up.  Voila!

You can jazz it up if you like by adding spinach, or grating cheese on top, or numerous other additions.  Enjoy!

No picture of this one I'm afraid, my battery died before I could take it, but as it's so easy I'll probably make it again soon and try to add a picture.

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