Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Poor Man's Eggs Mornay (or diet Eggs a la Laughing Cow!!)

A quick and easy lunch/supper (which Mr Chief thinks is weird but I love) is my Poor Man's Eggs Mornay.  Eggs Mornay is a spin on Eggs Benedict using Mornay sauce (a cheese sauce) instead of Hollandaise.
I don't use Mornay sauce - I use a cheese triangle.  Classy huh?  To be exact, I use a Laughing Cow Extra Light cheese triangle.  They're only 19 calories each and if you ignore the fact that I slathered my toast with butter then it's low cal, right?

It's so easy, especially as I've got those rubber egg poacher things (I've never got the hang of the swirly water technique).

One point to remember is to oil the poachers (otherwise the egg doesn't come out and it all goes a bit wrong).  I use spray oil because I find it easier to coat the inside.  Get a pan of water boiling and then crack the eggs into the poachers and lower them gently into the water.  You don't want the water to be boiling too vigorously or the egg poachers will get flooded.  You'll know when the eggs are done as the white will turn from clear to, well, white.  While the eggs are cooking you can make the toast.  Upturn the poached eggs onto the toast and then you can add the cheese.  If you want to go for presentation (ie if you're making these for someone else!) then you could mash the cheese up a bit an dollop if on top of the eggs - as you can see, I went for the "balance the triangle precariously on top" method.

It may look a little odd but I assure you it's delicious.
I made this for myself and found that I was swatting the kids off my plate - maybe I'll make it for them too!

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