Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Frittata, the quick win big hit!

Sometimes, when I've had a bad night, followed by a bad day, I feel like I just can't be bothered to cook something for dinner.  Especially if it's likely to fail the toddler scrutiny test.
Then, the other day, I threw some eggs and things together in a pan - and it was a huge hit!
It even contains vegetables.  It's healthy, super fast to cook, and very easy - this is really important for those "I can't think" days when all you really want to do is bung some turkey dinosaurs in the oven and go and lie down.

I made frittata.  Wasn't sure that was the right name for it at the time but yup, it is.

Both my three and a half year old and my one and a half year old yummed it up, I've cooked it twice since then (with different vegetables to mix things up a bit) and they've gobbled up the lot each time.  It's definitely going on the list of quick and easy dinners - Mr Chief even said he'd like me to make some for him so there's an added bonus.

Eggs (I used three eggs between two kids)
Vegetables (I used courgette the first time, then peppers and mushrooms)
Ham (optional, but Master Chief loves it)
Soft cheese (I used the type with onions & garlic)

What to do
Chop up the vegetables, I cut them really small as I wanted them to mix in nicely, then fry them in a bit of oil.
Add a nice dollop of soft cheese to the pan and stir it up so it's all nicely mixed.
Crack the eggs into a bowl and stir well so the yolks and whites are all combined and then add the ham and the fried vegetables.
Pour it all back into the pan and cook until it's firm, loosening the edges and underneath so it doesn't stick.  Flip it over (like a pancake if you're daring, but make sure it's definitely firm - flying hot liquid egg is no fun!) and cook for a few more minutes. 
Dish it up!

Cue happy faces and clean plates - hopefully.

You could use up leftovers too, Sunday roast leavings, dinner leftovers from the night before, whatever you like.  Cut it all up really small and mix it up.

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