Monday, 19 May 2014

Jellyyogs (or, I have some plums that aren't going to last!)

We eat a lot of fruit in our house - I mean, a LOT.  My children are fruit monsters and Mr Chief takes a fruit bowl load to work every day.  Even though I'm buying an orchard's worth each week there still are occasions when we have lurking fruit that is past it's prime.  I've already posted my banana bread recipe 
(see here - )
but that only takes care of the bananas.  I guess I could post about other cakes but thought I'd share a little pudding idea that's a big hit with my two darlings. 


This time, jellyyogs with fruit.
I think I made up the title, it may have been my son.  It's basically jelly with yoghurt (or fromage frais) stirred into it, and with fruit chopped and mixed in.

A packet of jelly
Boiling water (as per jelly packet instructions)
Fruit, chopped (I used plums)
Fromage frais (or yoghurt) any flavour/type

What To Do
Make up the jelly as per the instructions.
When it's cooled down a bit (but hasn't started to set) stir in the fromage frais and whisk vigorously so it's thoroughly mixed.
Stir in the fruit. 
It should look something like this:

Obviously, if you use different fruit then it'll look different.  I used raspberry jelly and strawberry fromage frais for this lot.
Then decant it into little pots:
Then put it in the fridge to set.
That's it!
As it's in small pots, it sets quite quickly, which is good news for demanding little darlings.
When it's ready, it'll look something like this:

And hopefully your kids will like it as much as mine do.  Also, because it's dairy and fruit and not just jelly you can claim extra smug points.

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