Sunday, 11 May 2014

Margate - baked onions and eggy bread

We went to Margate today to meet up with my cousins.  I've never been to Margate before.  It was closed.  Nearly all of it.  At least, that's what it looked like as we drove along the seafront.  The Turner gallery looked remarkably out of place against the shabbily dignified buildings looking out at the sea.  We went to the Tudor House (where all the children were interested in was the colouring in at the end) and then we went for lunch at a cafe on the pier arm (as I believe it's called).  I chose eggy bread for my two to share and I had baked onions in a gorgonzola sauce.  Yum.
Master Chief turned his nose up at the eggy bread - until it was dipped into my delicious sauce.  That's okay, I don't mind sharing.
Miss Chief (extremely apt nickname!) turned her little nose up at the eggy bread - but yummed up my baked onions.
I had eggy bread.  Luckily for me, it was delicious.
It has however, lead me to add baked onions to my "Argh, what can I do for dinner?" list.  I hadn't thought about doing them for the children before, they seemed to be the sort of thing you did for a dinner party (remember them?) but one of the major things I like about baked onions is that you don't have to peel the onions.  Minimal prep is great, especially when you have a small one who really doesn't like it if she isn't attached to you.  Of course, if you're slathering them in sauce them you'll want to peel them, but this can be done before or after cooking
I'm not sure how they actually made the sauce in the cafe but I have made it by just adding cheese to a basic white sauce.  So, here's my "hit-with-a-three-year-old-and-a-one-year-old-baked-onions-in-gorgonzola-sauce recipe.  Hope your family like it, let me know.

  • Onions - very vague but it depends on the size.  I use about 3-4 small (an inch or so across) onions or 1 large onion per person
  • 45g of butter
  • 45g of plain flour
  • 700ml of milk
  • 55g of gorgonzola

  • What to do
  • Make the sauce while the onions are in the oven, pour the sauce over and pop them back in for another five minutes or so.
  • Far the onions - Peel the onions and cut the tops and bottoms off, put them in a lightly oiled roasting dish and bake in the oven for about 30 - 40 minutes at about 400f/200c/gas mark 6 (this will depend on the size of the onions and the consistency you'd like).   Again, very vague, sorry but I tend to just turn the oven on and check the food until it looks and feels done.
  • For the sauce - Melt the butter in a saucepan, stir the flour in bit by bit.  Add the milk and KEEP STIRRING!  When it looks like proper sauce thickness you can crumble in the gorgonzola while stirring and when it's all blended then it's done.
The onions are lovely baked on their own, or you can season with herbs or spices, or just crumble cheese over them when they're done.  Experiment!

And Margate?  I'd go there again, it's a nice place.  Maybe I wouldn't go on a rainy, blustery (well, gale force) grey Sunday again, but on the upside we had the beach to ourselves!

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